Different Types of Boom Man Lifts

Boom lifts are the most common types of Manlifts around. They are essential equipment for a large number of industries and companies – construction workers, cleaners, painters and the like make use of them on a day-to-day basis to get their work done! The lifts carry them up to the point they require, where they complete their jobs and then get back down.

Structurally speaking, the boom lift has one or more mechanical arms that have a bucket at the end, where the labour works from. The maximum height that a boom lift can move up to varies – it can be anywhere between 20 to a 215 feet and sometimes even more than that, depending on the company and the requirement.

The boom lift itself comes in three different types :–

  • Telescopic Boom Lifts are those bTelescopic Boom ManLiftoom lifts that have a telescoping beam. This boom can move in all directions and has the capacity to reach up to a 210 feet high. The telescopic boom lift is mostly made use of on construction sites and other places where a worker might need to reach a spot that is extremely high and tricky to work.






  • Articulating Boom Lifts are made with the Articulated Manliftsexpress purpose of moving obstacles around. They are designed in a manner that will allow them to reach up and over an item, with one or two articulating joints that give the machine larger range of movement. These lifts are generally used in repairing power lines, in maintaining plant and tree lines, and the like.







  • Trailer Mounted Man Lifts are easy to use, smaller lifts. They come in both diesel and battery outfittedTrailer Mounted Manlifts vehicles and have an outreach of about 70 feet. They can be used to reach spots that are not very high.











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