Manlift Safety Quick Tips for Operators

Operating a manlift requires care and precision that you can’t afford to ignore or it could mean the loss of life or at least, severe damage to your workers as well as the people around the area. Getting on top of a manlift is dangerous work – you want to make sure that both workers and others alike are safe and sound while the job is completed efficiently.

Man Lifts Safety

To that extent, here are a few quick tips you can follow to make sure that you are keeping things safe and sound –

  • Inspect your machinery regularly. Each time before you operate your machine, walk around it to ensure that it’s working properly. Regularly check the emergency controls, the operating controls, the guardrails, the wheels and tires, the outriggers – make sure the personal fall-protection gear is operational and working! Think about air/fuel/hydraulic fluid leaks and perform regular maintenance of the machine.
  • Inspect your worksite. Sometimes, the problem stems not from the machine itself, but the area you use it in. for instance, is the terrain suitable for a machine of this magnitude? Is there a level or uneven surface? If so, what protocol do you follow to remain safe? Keep an eye out for debris, bumps, holes, power lines and anything that may inhibit your machine’s operation.
  • Test your equipment in a controlled environment before going into the field. You must check to see that it’s working well and safely; if you see a malfunction, fix it before you send your workers out on it! Perform the functional tests required – depending on the machine, the regularity of these tests may change. Some may need to be checked on a daily basis, and others can go weeks in between without tests. Train your workers to know these things and do random tests to ensure all’s well.
  • Find a good operator who knows the machine inside out. It’s important to make sure that the person handling the lift is someone with training and knowledge; too many times, injury happen because operators mess up and don’t know what to do. Evaluate both the machine and the operator and the way they go together; run random tests to make sure your workers know what they’re doing. Also give them safety and first aid training so that they know what to do in times of emergency.
  • Shut down the equipment properly. Shutting it down and storing it away is an important aspect of operating a manlift, so make sure your workers are well trained. From engaging the red emergency stop button to brining the platform down to its lowest level, they should be able to switch it on and switch off. Finally, the machine has to be stored and secured in area that is safe to prevent any accidents.

Manlift Safety Sign

Operating a manlift is not without its dangers – adhere to proper safety protocols and ensure that all your workers have sufficient knowledge of the standards expected of them! Offer training, help them understand the dangers and work as a team; you must put peoples’ safety first at all times.





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